About Me

I'm a software developer from Boston, schooled in Philadelphia, and currently working in New York City.


Software Engineer

2017 - Present
Flatiron Health, New York

Just started as a software engineer at Flatiron Health.

Software Engineer

2016 - 2017
Microsoft Corporation, Seattle

I worked on the Azure Active Directory reporting team in Microsoft's Cloud + Enterprise division, contributing to the reporting data pipeline and UI on the Azure Portal. Some information about the service can be found in this blog post or the feature documentation.

Head Teaching Assistant

2015 - 2016

Teaching Assistant

2013 - 2016
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

I worked as a teaching assistant for Introduction to Computer Programming from the fall semester 2013 to my last semester in spring 2016. For my senior year I acted as one of the three head teaching assistants, managing and instructing the staff of around 60. During my tenure, I contributed to many aspects of the course, including the recitation lesson plans, the exam questions, the staffing decisions, the staff grading infrastructure, and homework assignments.

Hail, Caesar! was the assignment I as most proud of, which I wrote with help from other staff members. It teaches functions, array and string manipulation, ASCII encoding, and introduced some basic cryptography concepts.


I've highlighted some projects I've worked on. Some for class, some for clubs I was involved with at Penn, and some for myself:

Bingle -
Kashaya - English Dictionary -
MoneyMore -